3 Luxury Furniture Brands

The right luxury furniture can make your home look beautiful and elegant and enhance your interior design immensely. There are a number of luxury furniture brands offering superb looking classy furniture but to choose one with the right craftsmanship, design, and repute is not easy.

That is why we have charted out the 3 best ones for you:

1. Christopher Guy

Founded in 1999, this is the international furniture brand that began its business with decorative mirrors. From headboards to chairs to dining tables, you get a mix of tradition and modern design in most of their furnishings.
Make your home look stunning with one of the best quality furniture in the world.

2. Fendi Casa

A high-end luxury brand founded with unlimited creativity in 1989, Fendi Casa achieved success with their contemporary living designs. Their iconic furniture collection will dazzle one and all.

3. Henkel Harris

One of America’s finest luxury furniture brands, Henkel Harris only offers high class products. All their furniture is super luxurious and trendy.